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Banking is Dead….Long live Blockchain Banking

The global finance industry is massive. Global assets under management (AUM) is approximately $85 Trillions (–145.4-trillion-by-2025/s/e236a113-5115-4421-9c75-77191733f15f) This massive industry is under attack from various angles. Yesterday I was at a brick and mortar bank. I like my client services manager (Let’s call … Continue reading

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Gratitude – 2017 ; Welcome – 2018

Dear 2017, I have fond memories of you. This past year has been absolutely amazing. Wanted to thank all my family, friends, colleagues,  advisors, together with known acquaintances and unknown angels who have helped me in this wonderful year! Very … Continue reading

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Equifax – That’s not the ONLY problem

We all worry about how to maintain “privacy”. Adding fuel to such concerns is the recent leakage by Equifax  (which said some 15Million people lost their identity fully) AND Yahoo claimed that EVERY SINGLE user who had an account with Yahoo … Continue reading

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iPhone/Apple is dead….Long live Apple/iPhone

@apple announced the arrival of new iPhone X on September 12th, 2017. 10 years ago, I had witnessed the arrival of a technology marvel. Compare the original iPhone with Nokia or Blackberry, which were “the market leaders” back then. VS … Continue reading

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Chanakya’s 3 questions v/s Aristotle’s First Principles

For some time now, I have been trying to find an answer to a question that has been on my mind. Which is more important- Chanakya’s 3 questions or Aristotle’s First principles? For a brief understanding of these two scholars, … Continue reading

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2020 predictions

I had predicted in 2015 that Facebook will have 2Billion users (prediction number 5 in the blog below). It has already happened!! Technology Predictions for 2020 Share This:

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Is SAP worth $200 Billion?

Its been a interesting few months for SAP investors. Stock has jumped from $72 on 6/27/2016 to $103 on 5/12/2017. MCap jumped from $70Billion to $127Billion!! That opens a possibility to think is the stock headed to a market capitalization of … Continue reading

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Will Artificial Intelligence kill your job?

Answer is Yes and No. All of us have been seeing many articles recently about the coming armageddon of job losses. Some have even predicted that almost 75-80% of all jobs will go away. Time for us to take step … Continue reading

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How we got to NOW – Steven Johnson

Normally, I read books very fast. Once in a while you stumble upon a book which is so insightful, you “study” instead of reading. One such book is a book by Steven Johnson’s  How we got to NOW  I am … Continue reading

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11 Rings – Phil Jackson – Mindfulness of a Zen master

I read Phil Jackson’s 11 Rings again recently. Some of the lessons are profound. Here is a simple presentation with those 11 lessons of a zen master of basket ball. Greatest coach of all times.   11 RINGS – SOUL … Continue reading

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