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Gratitude – 2017 ; Welcome – 2018

Dear 2017, I have fond memories of you. This past year has been absolutely amazing. Wanted to thank all my family, friends, colleagues,  advisors, together with known acquaintances and unknown angels who have helped me in this wonderful year! Very … Continue reading

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Chanakya’s 3 questions v/s Aristotle’s First Principles

For some time now, I have been trying to find an answer to a question that has been on my mind. Which is more important- Chanakya’s 3 questions or Aristotle’s First principles? For a brief understanding of these two scholars, … Continue reading

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Will Artificial Intelligence kill your job?

Answer is Yes and No. All of us have been seeing many articles recently about the coming armageddon of job losses. Some have even predicted that almost 75-80% of all jobs will go away. Time for us to take step … Continue reading

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Buck Up, Suck Up . . . and Come Back When You Foul Up: 12 Winning Secrets from the War Room

Recently I read this book by @JamesCarville,@PaulBegala. Even though I may not agree the authors political angle, they have done a great job of identifying what are the key factors that will make a political campaign or business a success. See the … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton – Digitally disrupted?

All techies could visualize a scenario like this one below. Hillary was approached by Obama to be the secretary of state. She accepts and comes back to her office. Her “IT Team” walks in and asks “Madam – Would you … Continue reading

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APPS -Accountability, Predictability, Profitability and Sustainability

For the last few months I am developing a framework, which I call ‘APPS’, for corporate executives. Every job and every role, in any company, comes with 4 simple measures. Here are the 4 fundamental questions every professional must ask themselves: Am … Continue reading

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Markets will recover!

The year is just beginning … Markets are down almost 10%! Reasons given are: China issues Oil prices Fed & interest rates My opinion: China – We never know what the real problem or real solution is. I am fairly confident … Continue reading

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Technology Predictions for 2020

I had written an earlier blog in 2012 about how future will look like in 2015. ( I got some accurately right and some wrong! Now am sticking out my top 10 predictions for 2020. Self driving cars will still … Continue reading

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One more suggestion came true

I had suggested an idea for a startup in Feb 2015 : ( Today I got an email from a startup They have added the ideas from my start up idea #1. I am very happy that this idea is … Continue reading

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starwars and reality

9 Pieces of Star Wars Tech Now a Reality (list) Share This:

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